Built around a medieval village dating back to the 14th century, Megève is a ski resort of international renown. Numerous famous numbers have contributed to the development of this station, today essential in the French Alps. You can stay there all year long and not only during the winter, for this there are several options such as the luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in France or the villas and many luxury hotels or lodgings, you will necessarily find among these alternatives which will suit you best.


Megève, a stay and a unique experience

Megève combines nature, comfort, style, gastronomy, and well-being.

Surrounded by three mountain ranges with gentle slopes and a lush forest, Megève offers 445 km of slopes suitable for all levels, thanks to the territory of the Mont Blanc Escape. Other activities such as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking or sled dogs will make your stay unforgettable. If you can do it, you can go on the slopes, you can also relax in one of the many exceptional spas of the resort.

Gourmands will discover regional products in one of the 85 establishments of the resort. Recognized for quality, these products come from most of the 45 active farms in the city.


Where to stay

Impressive scenery and exceptional accommodation, the destination Alpes-Mont Blanc promises unforgettable stays, like here, at the Refuge de la Solaise, elegant and welcoming, 9 new shelters in style, exclusive villas, elegant hotels or 5 star gourmet clubs.

Staying in Megève will allow you to discover a unique place: wooden chalets, mountain products and peaks with panoramic views of Mont Blanc.

If you ever dream of Megeve, you can build your own chalet in Haute-Savoie, it will be your image as custom, and you can enjoy Megeve at any time of the year. In an idyllic setting, your wooden chalet will bring you all the necessary comfort after your days on skis, the comfort, the authenticity of your home nothing will equal it.

The nature and the magic of the place will make you feel good, Megève is the best place to build your wooden chalet, between luxury and nature you will necessarily find what you want and what will suit your desires, then n ‘wait more.